Juice With Attitude

An all-new look. An all-new Attitude. CTS3 Now Available!

The Juice with Attitude is the ultimate tuner for the average diesel owner and horsepower junkies too. The Juice precisely controls timing and duration of injector firing to deliver maximum performance and improved drivability. Combined with the revolutionary Attitude CS2 or CTS3, this system also monitors numerous engine parameters including transmission temperature, fuel pressure, turbo boost, EGTs and many more to help maintain safe operating conditions. If you own a 1998.5-2021 Cummins or 2001-2007 Duramax and you’re looking for complete control over your driving experience, look no further than the Juice with Attitude. With up to 6 different power levels and the ability to change power levels on-the-fly, advanced dynamic safety features for engine and transmission protection, and huge horsepower gains, the Juice with Attitude delivers mild to wild, and everything in between.
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