Best Software Company to Work For.

Software comany employeesBeing a tech geek, I love working in a great company that rewards me according to my expertise and one that has supportive co-workers. I also like working in a flexible environment without any tensions. I know most of you love the same so I have compiled a list of some of the best software companies to work for.


Google is a one of the best software company to work for. It offers its employees great perks and highly compensates them according to their skills. It comprises of a highly skilled workforce and if you have been a “big fish” in a previous company you may take some time to get used to the fact that there are other better brains here. It’s located in a big campus with free meals and snacks which you can grab from any of the many restaurants available in the campus. This makes it one of the best places to work in. Google employees have some kind of prestige.

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Best software for small business

business softwareRunning a small business is not as easy as you may think. This is because one is faced to a lot of uncertainties, having to maximize on profits and still satisfy customer’s needs. However, with the current advancement in technology, small businesses are able to improve their customer care and productivity. The following are some of the best software that every small business needs to have.

1. Skype
This is one of my favorites in business. Skype will help you to video conference or even perform regular conference calls over the internet for free. It also helps you to group instant messages, send files, or start a call with just a single button. Moreover, you can call landlines and mobile numbers for as little as $15 per month. If your business does a lot of international, local, or remote team work, this software can be a useful tool to make good use of.

2. Microsoft office communicator
If your business communicates heavily with remote or subcontractor team member, this software can be a good option. This is because this option allows you to send messages and teleconference remotely. It allows you to adjust your instant message status to be general or specific. Your status can also be set using your outlook calendar. The good thing about this tool is that you can use it outside the organization with MSN, MS Windows, Yahoo, or AOL.

Location communicator enables you to control viewer access level and to also optimize your location setting to reflect your location. For example you may decide to go hiking or camping. This program will be able to say where you are. However, even as you go out hiking, camping, or doing other outdoor activities like camping with your favorite knife and outdoor gear. It is also good to keep yourself hydrated. With insulated water bottle, you will be able to carry your water around. To get top 10 picks of the best insulated water bottles, you need to click on this link.

Contact management features allow you to add corporate distribution groups to your contact list with just a single button. Contacts can easily be brought to conference call if you click and drag their names into the conversation window. You can also access contact list via your desktop, IPhone, or mobile phone. The best thing about this software is the ability to instantly conference during phone conversations or messaging.

3. Quicken home and business
Majority of small business owners would do anything to escape balancing their books. Quicken is the best solution for this. This software is easy to use and you can compare it to Pear tree and Sage and you do not need any advanced training. This software gives you the ability to monitor your finances, review your income, and track your finances in a very nice graph. The program tracks your invoices while showing the paid and unpaid invoices, account balances and due dates. In case your account lacks enough funds to cover all the invoices the program will notify you. There is a savings plan option that allows you to view your actual spending in comparison to projected spending while identifying the areas that you spent money most on. High spending area also shows the frequency with which you bought the products.

4. Efax
This program is perfect for a home business or a small business. It lets you send and receive faxes as email attachments. Here, you can create an account for monthly fee which is usually $10 per month. You are given fax number and now you can start sending and receiving faxes. The best part about this software is that your business can have an international presence instantly.

This list is by no means exhaustive but the above programs can give your business a professional image regardless of its size. These programs are my picks because they are proven to offer efficiency and growth without having to use a translator.

Top 5 Handheld GPS Systems That You Must Have

GPS TrackerA GPRS system is a must have gadget for any adventurous person. The most common GPS are the one that are fitted in vehicles that assist drivers to find specific locations, especially when driving through unfamiliar regions. However, there has been increased need of GPS technology that goes beyond the roads. This has led to an increased demand for the handheld GPS which is used by hikers, sportsmen and backpackers among others.

There are different models of handheld GPS systems that are available in the market. Each system comes with different features and capabilities. However there are those that have been tried and tested and have emerged as the best buys for anyone who desires to own a handheld GPS system. These are:

Garmin Oregon 600

This is a handheld GPS that has been rated as the best. It uses the latest GPs technology and software ensuring that the user is using updated information. The Garmin Oregon also has a sharp screen that has been described as the best of any tested GPS system. It has a 16 hour battery life with great satellite reception. The fact that it is also ideal for all weather except very cold weather also makes it a perfect GPS handheld choice.

Garmin 62s

Ideal for cold and wet weather while moving, this GPS is also a great device to have. Apart from its affordability in terms of cost, the Garmin 62s has gained its popularity due to the numerous buttons that are easily pressed even when one is still wearing gloves. It also has all the features that one would need when navigating different regions.

Magellan eXplorist

This is also another handheld GPS system that is characterised by in-built speakers, large screen, and two customisable buttons and has the ability to record photos and videos. It is also affordable and comes with maps for up to 200 countries hence making it a very friendly device. The downside of this gadget however, is that it has a dim screen, cannot pair with Bluetooth devices and its software cannot be updated using the mac computers. This handheld GPS can be comfortably used when boating, hunting and hiking.

DeLorme PN-60

This GPS system comes in a design that is water proof hence perfect for use in wet conditions. It has preloaded maps with colour display, electronic compass, barometric altimeter and internal antenna. The battery can last up to 14 hours.

Garmin Montanna

Described by some as the ultimate outdoor companion, this handheld GPS features a 3 axis electronic compass, a barometric altimeter, digital camera and an internal antenna. In addition it also has a waterproof design with a touch screen that has colour display. Garmin Montanna is also very user friendly as it comes imbedded with Topo maps and has a battery life that lasts between 26 and 24 hours.

While there are many GPS systems in the market, the user should be able to purchase one depending on the place, nature and expected regions that they plan to use the devices. If you have children it is advisable to confirm from your nanny whether they have used the device before and how comfortable they are with a GPS system. You can even try and get this information when looking for a warehouse by checking different copies of their nanny resumes. Having a good knowledge of GPS systems for nannies makes it easy to track both the children and their nanny in case of anything.

The GPS system is also widely used in the transportation and logistic industry. Therefore, it is important when going through the truck drivers to have some knowledge of it. As a truck driver, you can always indicate it in your samples of truck driver resumes so that employers can easily identify that skill as far as the use of a GPS system is concerned. For efficient transportation, warehouse locations are also very important. If you are looking for a warehouse job, make sure you indicate that you are familiar with GPS systems in your resume. Click here for a good sample.

My Typical Work Day As A Programmer In A Software Design Company

1programrI love my job as a programmer and each night I look forward to another learning day at work with my co-workers. My day starts at about 9 am where I start getting ready for the day. It is normally an easy task and I am usually set to go within one hour.
I have a nanny who gets to work at 9 so I leave her with the kids before I get out of the house. She is a great person and my two year old daughter absolutely adores her. I met her when we first had our first baby and I loved the way she had a well written nanny resume.
I get to my office which is in a software design company within 20 minutes and get down to work after exchanging some pleasantries with my secretary and the receptionist. My company has a fully functional kitchen with a waitress who serves us our meals. The waitress brings my coffee immediately I am in the office. She is a nice person who wowed the company with her great waitress resume and although she had stepped in for a person who was away, the company decided to retain her.
After I have had my morning coffee, I go over my email and respond to each one of them. I am recently working on an instructional program for nurses and so after I am done with replying my emails, I get on the phone schedule a meeting with my client. I always arrange for meetings with my clients so that we can go over some of the details I do not get clearly regarding the structure of the program they want me to set up.
This particular client explains to me what color he wants me to use on the instructional program I am setting up for him, how he wants the home screen to be like and how he wants the user to navigate through the program. After concluding the meeting, I head straight to my desk and begin programming.
I spend the rest of my morning inputting the programming language for the client’s software and editing any areas then confirming with my client if that is what they want their program to look like. It is always good to engage your clients in the whole process of creating a program so that you can edit areas that need changes rather than doing a whole program then a client demands for heavy editing after its done.
I make all the necessary corrections that the clients requests for and I rarely go for lunch. Often I just snack as I work. When I feel that all the editing has been done, I do some trials for the program so as to make sure that everything has been properly coded. I note each part that needs some more corrections and spend the rest of the evening working on it.
I wrap up my day at about 8pm and head straight home to catch up on some of my favorite programs with my kids and none of them involves C++ programs!

Most popular programming languages

programming languageAre you looking for a job as a programmer? Here is a list of the most popular programming languages that employers are looking for candidates with knowledge on. These are languages that have been tried and tasted. Understanding of at least one programming language for anyone looking to be a programmer will definitely be an impressive addition to their resume. Check out our must know programming languages.


This is a class based; object oriented programming language that was developed by Sun Microsystems in the 1990s. It is one of the highly sought programming languages and it is a standard for web based content, mobile apps, enterprise software and an android operating system. Java is designed in such a way that it functions on different platforms, for instance a program that is written for Windows can run on Mac OS X.

C language

This is a multipurpose, yet imperative programming language that was first developed in the early 1970s. This is the oldest yet mostly used language which facilitates the building of links for other common languages for instance, Java, JavaScript, C# and Python. C language is often used in embedding applications and operating systems. Since it is the foundation of so many other languages, it is wise to first learn C and (C++) before learning the others.


This is an intermediate language that was originally created to enhance the C language. It was first known as “C with classes” and quickly became a very popular language among developers. C++ powers popular software such as Adobe programs, Firefox and Winamp. This language is used in developing application software, systems software, video games, client application and high performance server.


This is Microsoft’s development pronounced as “C Sharp”. It was designed as an alternative to Java and borrows a lot from its predecessors: Java, Delphi, C and C++. It is powered by Microsoft and it is very popular with developers and Microsoft shops.

PHP (Hypertext Processor)

This is a widely used free general purpose scripting language that is very suitable for the development of web and can easily be embedded into HTML. Its original design was meant to produce dynamic Web pages. PHP is used to power over 200 million websites such as Facebook, Digg and WordPress.

Objective –C

This is an object oriented programming language that is used by Apple operating system. It can be used for the creation of iPhone apps and it also powers Apples OS X and iOS and also its APIs. This has created a very huge demand for this programming language that was once out moded.


This is a highly sought, server side scripting programming language for websites and mobile apps. It is especially easy good for beginners because of its easy language which is easily readable and a compact syntax. This means that developers can use less lines of code to express a concept than they would do in other languages. Python language is used in powering the web apps for Pinterest, Rdio and Instagram though the associated web frames work. It is also used by Google, Yahoo! and NASA.
These languages will come in handy whether you are an established programmer or if you are searching for a programming job. There are so many areas you can learn the languages both online and in a class set up. Just make sure you know at least one language.